Mindsteps Pop-Up Group: The Buildership Model to thrive.

Builders don't panic in the midst of crisis. Builders BUILD!! Turn Your school into a success story.

About Us

In light of the growing covid-19 crisis, this is a safe place for Builders who want to keep BUILDING their staff, students, and schools in the midst of the crisis, and set their schools up for success when the crisis is over. 

Why You Should Join Us

Inside the group you'll receive free training on how you can stay focused on your school purpose even in these uncertain times, and how you can put things in place now to set your school up for success once teachers and students return. Plus, we're share a few resources and tips, and we'll support each other through this process. This group is open to k12 principals, assistant principals, deans, instructional leaders, and central office administrators. Remember, Builders don't panic in the midst of crisis. Builders BUILD!!

A Big Thanks

Thanks to all the committed, dedicated educators out there who are working tirelessly on behalf of our students. You are the real MVP's!

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